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Principal's message

Message from Our Principal

At Turramurra North Public School we pride ourselves in the delivery of 21st century education fostering critical thinking, collaborative, communicative and creative young people who are equipped to face the challenges of tomorrow through the rich experiences of today.

Teachers at our school understand that the learning pathway for each child is unique and is connected to the relationship with the home. Our staff take care to inform and engage parents and carers in the life of the school and the challenges and achievements of all our students.

We have a long standing tradition of academic excellence balanced with a superb creative arts program. Our teachers are trained in known best practice and regularly update their skills and understanding through an expansive professional learning programs.

Turramurra North Public School is a ‘You Can Do It!’ school where we equip all students with a positive and independent mindset based on the five keys to success:

  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Persistence
  • Organisation
  • Getting Along

Through ‘You Can Do It!’, students at Turramurra North Public School learn to remain calm and work things out and this is reflected in the climate of the school. A range of opportunities and programs are available to all students as they grow and develop their own interests and talents. Students are provided opportunities to develop their creative and artistic abilities through unique visual arts, public speaking and music programs and their skills and sportsmanship in all manner of sports.

Turramurra North Public School is a leader in the use of technology as an enabler of learning. We are passionate about engaging learners as they grow their own interests, knowledge and understanding through rich tasks linked to the real world. Every student in Years 3–6 uses their own school iPad on a daily basis and all classes K-6 enjoy an ipad, student ratio 1:2. All iPads are equipped with state of the art productivity apps and managed very carefully within our secure Wi-Fi network which spans flexible and comfortable learning areas both within and outside the classroom.

Our vision at Turramurra North Public School is to provide an innovative, creative and flexible curriculum that is future-focused and supported by relevant technology. Our students take responsibility for their learning with a positive mindset and embrace diversity to connect within and beyond the community, making learning authentic.

Michelle Verhagen